OUR line marking machines

Selectline develops and supplies line marking machines that tie in perfectly with the properties of the range of Selectline paints. We keep improving on our existing machines and simultaneously are developing new line marking machines to make sure we can supply the most efficient and easy to use line marking solution.


SL LINER line marking machine
SL READY BLUE Line marking paint logo


  • A heavy-duty frame ensures stability for optimal straight tracking ability
  • High operating pressure for optimal results and low consumption
  • Heavy duty battery for long operating hours
  • White powder-coat protects against rust and masks overspray
  • Spray from both sides or in front
  • Adjustable line width
  • Fast marking
SL READY Blue ready to use color line marking paint


The SL Liner is a user-friendly and highly efficient marking machine that is suitable for spraying concentrates (SL Mix) and ready to use products (SL Ready, SL Direct). The SL Liner is made from high quality materials to guarantee durability and performance year after year.


Every operator has his or her own preferences. SL Liner can accommodate to all. SL Liner is suited for spraying straight in front as well as off to the side of the machine. The spray-parts are easily removable to be mounted on the side of the machine.


SL Liner is suited to spray all available paints in the Selectline assortment. It is important to match the spray nozzle to the type of paint used.


SL ROLLER transfer wheel marker
SL ROLLER Wheel transfer line marking machine

Transfer wheel line marker

  • GRIPP coating on the feed cylinders for a better grip of the paint
  • Handlebar adjustable in height and off-axis for comfort and optimal view
  • 10 Liter reservoir with draining possibility
  • Mechanical operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
SL READY Green ready to use color line marking paint


A wheel to wheel line marking machine inspired by the printing ink supply system, the SL Roller offers great ease of use and fast cleaning. Its mechanical operation makes it a durable solution for tracing grassed sports fields.
The SL Roller is the original solution for ultimate control over your lines and valued by professional clubs for their competition fields.

SL READY Red color line marking paint

Cleaner for your line marking machine

  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Prolongs lifetime of your machine
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical in use
SL READY Red ready to use color line marking paint


Create the desired amount of solution by diluting SL Cleaner with water according to your needs. Apply the solution on the desired location and leave it acting 1 hour before brushing. Rinse with clean water.


  • Suitable for cleaning of Selectline paints
  • Use of safety glasses and gloves are recommended when handling or applying SL Cleaner
  • Safe for the environment


Nozzle and handlesSL Cleaner pure

Dirty materials1 part SL Cleaner +
1 part of water

Maintenance cleaning1 part of SL Cleaner +
6 parts of water

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